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Tenebra is a psychological horror game that takes you on a journey through a beautifully moody and often dreadful world that reveals itself as you progress. It embraces sadness and despair as you descend into darkness.

Your goal: search for clues and find out who's behind a disturbing spree of murder and violence. Tenebra's visual style is inspired by films from the silent movie era.

Published Nov 27, 2016
CategoryGame mod
AuthorSunspots Games
TagsAtmospheric, Exploration, Horror, Monsters, Mystery, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Blog

Install instructions

Installation Instructions:

1) Tenebra requires Valve's Source SDK. If you haven't installed it already: Launch Steam, go to Tools, find and install Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer
2) Download Tenebra
3) Unzip the game to your sourcemods folder. For example: ...\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods)
4) Restart Steam. You should find Tenebra in your games library.

Playing Tenebra:
In case you get stuck...
All you can do is move, look/investigate and crouch. Crouching is not only required to move through tight spaces. Enemies will also have a harder time seeing you.

There is NO 'use' key.

Tenebra relies heavily on HDR. Please make sure to enable HDR (Full) under Options -> Video -> Advanced. And while you're there please also disable Motion Blur.


Tenebra.zip 313 MB


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Hello, so I followed the instructions on downloading this and it only worked for me when I restarted my computer, not just steam. I was about to be disappointed but now I can play! looking forward to it

Glad you got it working!

Fantastic stuff, I trawl through the horror sections on these websites for great little experiences like this. Agree with it being hugely atmospheric, love how a lot of the horror crept up on you or was just out of sight unless you were having a good snoop around like I always do. Really nice work!


Visually stunning, incredibly immersive and the atmosphere is amazing. I covered this as part of my weekly Indie Freebies piece for Gaming Respawn: http://gamingrespawn.com/indie-game-spotlight/16854/indie-freebies-tenebra-niva-anxiety-lost-night/